The absolute Clou(i)

New mobility concept by Paravan

“Vehicles in the future will change radically, new interiors will be created and digital technology will substitute the mechanical steering column, ” announced Paravan Company director Ronald Arnold in an interview at the beginning of the year.

And now the proof is on its way. The company is offering the first world wide inclusive mobility concept with CLOUI. At the same time it’s the first self produced vehicle made by Paravan. For this the enterprise bundled its competence and experience from the building of bodywork to sensors. With CLOUI a whole new vehicle concept in the area of mobility is being dealt with. It brings together the latest mega trends in the branches: e-mobility, connectivity and autonomous driving.

Tomorrow’s mobility – complete individuality

The basis of CLOUI is the motion board, consisting of the chassis, engine and sensors. This basic framework can be adjusted in length and breadth according to requirements. “Neither the the body, that is the chassis, of the vehicle nor the interior are predetermined”, according to Roland Arnold. “CLOUI is therefore completely individually adjustable – making it perfect for the user’s requirements, especially adaptable for disabled people. That’s tomorrow’s mobility. “The mobility concept makes it possible for cars to be produced independently – whether as people-mover or as freight transporter. With CLOUI, Paravan manages to create a milestone for people with disabilities. Now they can take part in independent road use more easily.

Job market inclusion factor

With CLOUI, Paravan opens up new opportunities for the disabled to find jobs. In the future autonomous driving will still only be possible with an accompanying person, who can intervene in case of an emergency. With Paravan technology this is already feasible. Autonomous driving will thus be brought onto the streets. At the same time Paravan can collect valuable data for further technical evolution. Today Paravan’s technology has already proved itself over 500 million kilometres of road. The basis for driverless driving is the Drive by Wire System. It is patented, accident-free, has been approved for road use and is fitted out with its own supply of energy. For more than 20 years the producer and market leader has developed Paravan steering technologies, allowing badly disabled people to participate safely in road traffic.

Milestones for autonomous driving

CLOUI was first introduced at tha IAA in 2017. The company IBEO, among others, was an important cooperative partner for the implementation. However, it was by no means Paravan’s first project in the field of autonomous driving . For example, in 2016, the study “Vision Van” was carried out together with Mercedes Benz. The transporter of the future will be fitted out with the latest technology. A fusion of future technical, robotic possibilities, digitization and automation. The modern joystick steering “Drive by Wire” played an important role in Paravan’s system. People with handicaps are already using this for completely independent mobility. Also in this area falls the Corvette ZR06 adaptation (together with co partners), which could be steered by a paraplegic racing driver using head movements.