No more cold feet

Living well with disability


Lisa Brockschmidt

Age: 22 years old

Job: Student

Hobbies: Riding, fitness, blogging, family and friends

Handicap: Lower leg amputation both sides (and partial finger)

Facebook: No more cold feet/

Instagram: lifeonfakelegs





I entered the world as a perfectly healthy baby and would probably have learnt to walk a lot earlier if I had known that both my legs had a sell-by date.

Today I’m a young woman with both lower legs amputated as well as parially amputated fingers – in short, physically handicapped. And that since the third class at school. Now I’ve had artificial limbs for longer than I had legs. Life isn’t always easy as an amputee, but change doesn’t always mean the end of something, it can also be a beginning or just a change of perspective.

In order to share this view with others I started my blog in 2014. With and the social media belonging to it I wish to describe daily life with the handicap which hinders me, sometimes more, sometimes less.”No more cold feet” is not only a literal interpretation that I could wear sandals in the snow. The name also stands for no retreat, no melancholic looking back and, most of all, always accepting new challenges.

“One of these challenges is to accept oneself as one is and not to always hide the artificial limbs.” 

The cosmetic aspect used to be more important to me than anything else, then I tested Cheetah Xplore, a mixture of blade (sport foot) and every day artificial limb and I ran again for the first time in 10 years. The feeling was indescribable. And the thrill is still there: Every movement used to be tiresome and now I’m mad about sport, go to the fitness studio regularly and enjoy not only the running band but like most of all doing leg training. I was also allowed to go the OT-World Trade Fair and present the Cheetahs there. That’s how I found my new foot. Because of wear my feet had to be renewed after only 6 years and I finally decided on the Pro-Flex. This foot was recommended to me by many active users. The enthusiasm was great and since then I wear Pro-Flex on the left and a special construction with a low profile on the right. The hand-made construction of my right stump would have made the the structural height higher and I would have become disproportionally tall. The growth thing is generally peculiar with wearers of artificial limbs. You can grow 3cms overnight. Bewildering for outsiders. The changing of the feet was, however, absolutely right. The rolling of my foot looks, I think, much more natural since then and I can climb slopes and stairs without feeling like I’m 85 afterwards. Only cobblestones are shaky and need some practice and balance.

There are still always new things to learn and discover even 13 years after amputation. The OT-World is back in Leipzig in May and who knows what there will be to discover this time. I’m already curious and hope to see you there!

Article by Lisa Brockenschmidt


The most important:

The medical suppliers Klein in Dieburg (Hessen) have looked after and supplied Lisa Brockenschmidt since 2007. Martin Brehm, the orthopedic technician, remembers:” The first provision that we produced with her were for the top shafts protecting the knee joints while skiing.” The every day limbs were started on later. “We changed the concept of the right artificial limb (Syme amputation) during the first provision in order to be able to design a less noticeable cosmetic form. Lisa is a lower leg amputee on the left side and wears a classical artificial limb. Over the years the technician tested several different shaft systems with the active young woman to optimize the provision.

As there can be no miracles in artifical limb technology Lisa uses many limbs with different shaft systems for different usages: waterproof for wet areas, heels for long disco nights, sport limbs with Cheetah Xplore in the fitness studio, extra top shafts, for example, for skiing and her every day limbs with Pro-Flex foot elements. Lisa uses her every day limbs, among other things, for riding and stable work.

The cosmetic aspect was of great importance in the years between 2007 and 20014. When Lisa discovered the artificial limb with the Cheetah Xplore for the first time she was overjoyed. “We had to hold her back during the first fitting! She jogged for the first time in her life at the second. What a moment for all concerned! We are very proud to have supplied artificial limbs to such wonderful young lady. She made an impressive appearance, for example, on the catwalk in her heels at a training course given for doctors, therapists and funding agencies. The crowd of spectators were in awe of how naturally she moved around in her high heels! A real wow moment.



Pictures by: Christina Schneider, Össur Deutschland GmbH, Private