Life goes on even if it hobbles

I’m Kim, 33 years young and I live with my wife and our three daughters in Neanderthal near Düsseldorf.

An intensive life had always been my passion. I liked to get up at 5 0’clock in the morning at the weekend to go for a long ride on my motorbike and then return home with fresh bread rolls. There were always things going on around me, I loved creativity, making and creating things, as well as sports and traveling. There was always some way of making my hands dirty – until 16.04.2013.

I didn’t have a chance on my motorbike when, 500 meters from my front door, a car,  taking the corner , ignored my right of way. Unable to avoid the car, I was hit by it and landed in a tractor standing on the right hard shoulder. My foot was squashed between the bumper and the engine block and was completely destroyed. According to the doctors it was a matter of life and death during the following hours.

A path full of suffering followed for the next few years. They tried to save my foot with more than 20 operations. My family’s and my life were determined by physiotherapy, orthopedic made to measure boots, pain therapy and, also lastly, retraining, despite the high level of pain. Giving up, though, was never an option. Even though I felt like it I wanted to be a role model for my children. There were always improvements being made until I put a stop to it and spoke out my wish for an amputation. I couldn’t even stand and walk for two hours a day because of the pain and I hoped to reduce the pain by half and perhaps walk and stand for three hours without having to drug myself completely. I went to the operation in July 2017 with this expectation.

I took on the challenge to learn to walk again almost with a sense of pleasure. A fight I wanted to win.

In the mean time I live and love my new life with my lower leg prosthesis, with a few restrictions but almost pain-free, keep going to my limits and even beyond them. I took part in two Enduro races on the mountain  bike this year, pedaling 15,000 meters high up in Austria, running with my children and making things at home. The most positive thing that I could take with me from the whole time was a completely new sense of life. I felt how quickly a life can end and now I live more intensively.

During the time of my pain therapy I started writing my blog “Life goes on even if it hobbles”. At the beginning I only wanted to describe my successes and setbacks honestly for myself and for my family who suffered with me. Then there were people who supported me or were in a similar situation. It also helped the doctors to understand me. A desirable and important exchange! That motivated me to make the world a little better and to show that a life with a prosthesis is possible and worth living. I hope to record many moments there and to give people in a similar position courage and strength.

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Text & Fotos: Kim Cremer